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Frequently Asked Questions

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Source: Exclusively Michael Jackson

What are the names of Michael's brothers and sisters, and what are their birthdays?

Michael is the seventh of nine children born to parents Joseph and Katherine Jackson. His siblings are, in order of birth; Maureen (Rebbie) born May 29, 1950; Sigmund (Jackie) born May 4, 1951; Toriano (Tito) born October 15, 1953; Jermaine born December 11, 1954; La Toya born May 29, 1957; Marlon born March 12, 1957; Steven Randall (Randy) born October 29, 1961; and Janet born May 16, 1966.


Does Michael have any children?

Michael has two children, "Prince" Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. born February 13, 1997, and a daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson born April 3, 1998, with his ex-wife Debbie Rowe.


How tall is Michael?

Michael is five feet ten inches (or 1.78m) tall.
[Source: HIStory Magazine]


What is Michael's shoe size?

Michael wears a size 8 1/2 (or a 42 in European measurements).
[Source: HIStory Magazine]


Where can I write to Michael?

You can write to Michael at the following address:
Michael Jackson
Neverland Valley Ranch
c/o Postmaster
Figueroa Mountain Road, Santa Ynez Valley
Los Olivos, CA


Where does Michael get his cool clothes?

All of Michael's clothes since the Bad era have been made especially according to his measurements by his stylists Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins.
[Source: HIStory Magazine]


What are some of Michael's favorite songs that he's recorded?

Michael's favorite songs that he has recorded is "Ben", or "Got To Be There". Off of his HIStory album they are "Stranger In Moscow", "Childhood", or "Earth Song".
[Source: Michael Jackson - "Simulchat" Interview]


Was that really Michael on the Simpsons episode "Stark Raving Dad"?

Yes, Michael supplied his voice for the character of "Michael Jackson" on one episode of the Simpsons....the name in the credits however was 'John Jay Smith'.
[Source: "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening]


Who discovered the Jackson 5?

Bobby Taylor of the Vancouvers was the person who brought the Jackson 5 to the attention of Motwon Records and helped them get their audition. Motown later stated that it was Diana Ross who "discovered" the boys, and used her name on their first album "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5" since she was Motown's biggest star at the time.
[Source: Marlon Jackson - "The Legend Continues" video]


Why has Michael's skin gotten lighter?

Michael has a skin disorder called Vitiligo. This banal physiological disorder causes a depigmentation of the skin causing blotchy white patches. Often there is a family tendency to develop the condition. Two people in every 100 suffer from this condition, so Michael is definately not alone. He has NEVER bleached his skin or tried to make his skin lighter. All rumors saying that he has done this are simply not true. He has tried to even out the blotches on his skin by using make up to cover them up.
[Source: "The Family Medical Guide", "Michael Jackson Talks to Oprah"]



Why does Michael wear a silk mask whenever he goes out in public now?

Because of his Vitiligo Michael cannot go out into the sun. He has said that he is completely allergic to the sun, and that he really isn't even supposed to go outside at all. By wearing the silk face mask, along with long sleeved clothing, pants, sunglasses and his fedora Michael can gon outside and enjoy himself just as everyone else can.
[Source: Michael Jackson - "VH1" and "Simulchat" interviews]


I heard that Michael had a speaking clip at the beginning of the HIStory album. What did he say, and why don't I have it on my copy of the album?

A vocal clip was added to the beginning of some of the copies of the HIStory album released in Germany, Holland, France, and Canada (not all albums sold in these contries had this clip). The clip stated Michael saying the following "Hi, this is Michael Jackson. I want to thank all of my fans in [country] for their continuing love and support over all the years. I hope to come and visit you all very, very soon and perform for you. I look forward to seeing you very soon. Until then, good bye. I love you all. Good bye."
[Source: Sony Music]



Is it true that before filming the Brazil version of his They Don't Care About Us video, Michael paid drug dealers in the area so he could use the shanty town for the set of his video?

No, this is not true. What actually happened was that Michael and Spike Lee (the director of the video) wanted to film this version of the video in the shany town of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Skylight company, who took care of production arrangments for this video, found a way to apease the criminal classes in the area by hiring 60 residents of the shanty town to help with security and to be paid as regular employees. No drug dealers were paid money by Michael to use the area for his video as the rumors stated.
[Source: "HIStory Magazine"]



Where did Michael learn all of his cool dance moves, such as the moonwalk?

Michael has said that the moonwalk came from the black children from the inner city ghettos. "They just have that natural talent for dancing...they come up with these dances, all I did was enhance the dance." Just to note, Michael has never taken any formal dancing lessons. He has choreographed, or had a hand in choreographing most of his music videos or performances.
[Source: "Michael Jackson Talks To Oprah" and "Simulchat" Interviews]



Does Michael play any of the instruments on his albums?

Michael plays several instruments, and has recently began playing them on his albums! On the HIStory album Michael is credited with playing the keyboards, synthesizer, drums and percussion, and guitar. On the Blood On The Dance Floor album Michael is credited with playing the drums and percussion, and guitar on the song titled "Morphine".
[Source: Sony Music - HIStory & Blood On The Dance Floor album notes]



Does Michael own a recording company/record label?

Michael does have his own record label, named MJJ Music. All music released through MJJ Music is distributed by Sony Music. The label was launched in 1994, and in 1997 Michael Jackson (together with Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud) formed a new joint venture with Kindom Entertainment and MJJ Music to take it to another level. Michael released the following statement at this time, "Our new association allows MJJ Music to expand its horizons beyond my wildest dreams. The success the label has enjoyed in the past three years is proof that we are committed, along with my partners, to making MJJ Music a full service label of international significance." There are currently 7 individuals/groups signed to the MJJ Music label; Brownstone (with 2 albums released), 3T (with 1 album released, and 1 in the works), Men of Vizion (with 1 album released), No Authority (with 1 album released), Nathan Cavaleri (with 1 album released), Rebbie Jackson (with 1 album released), and Tatyana Ali (with 1 album released). In addition to these artists, the "Sisterella" soundtrack, as well as the "Free Willy" and "Free Willy 2" soundtracks were released on the MJJ Music label.
[Source: MJJ Music]



I've heard of Kingdom Entertainment but what does Michael have to do with it and what role does it play in the entertainment buisness?

Kingdom Entertainment is the company that Michael and Saudi billionaire Prince Alweed founded in 1996. In a Paris press conference March 1996 Michael stated that they plan on Kingdom Entertainment to be active in the creation of theme parks, hotels, feature films, animation, recordings, publishing, tours, children's books, educational entertainment, character licencing and merchandising. So far Kingdom Entertainment has sponsored Michael's HIStory world tour. The creation of the theme parks in Poland and Canada are both expected to be done through this company.
[Source: Kingdom Entertainment]


Is Michael the biggest selling artist ever? And, if Thriller is the biggest selling album, which album comes next? whose album? and how many units?

Yes, Michael Jackson is the biggest selling artist ever with his album Thriller. Thriller was, and still is the most amazing album ever created selling over 51 million albums worldwide, going Platinum in 15 countries, gold in 4 countries, producing 7 hit singles (4 written by Michael himself!) and winning 7 Grammy awards.
The top 3 albums in the USA to date (sorry we were unable to find world stats) are as follows:
1. Thriller - Michael Jackson - with 25 million units
2. Eagles Greatest Hits (1971-1975) - The Eagles - with 24 million units
3. The Wall - Pink Floyd - with 22 million units
Michael's other albums (in USA only) have sold the following:
Bad - 8 million units
Off The Wall - 7 million units
Dangerous - 6 million units
HIStory - 6 million units
[Source: Billboard Online, Guiness Book Of World Records]